My Four Day Fast

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I’ll have more to say about the ketogenic diet in later posts, and how it contrasts with paleo. For now, let’s just say it’s a more extreme form of the paleo diet, with even less carbs and higher fat. Take the standard food pyramid, invert it and delete the breads and sugars.

I’ve gone keto before, and the results were quite positive. My blood sugar levels were lower than normal paleo, and I felt better too. The fact that alcohol was a no-no during these periods obviously helped.

Why did I give it up if it was so good? The siren song of red wine, that’s why. No more!

One part of the keto lifestyle is intermittent fasting. I’ve done this a lot even while on normal paleo. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat. Sometimes I forget to eat because I’m not hungry. This is one of the glories of paleo. It’s so high in fat that I feel satiated all the time. I don’t get hunger pangs anymore.

Keto goes a step further or it can go further if you want to go there. Instead of skipping a meal or two, one skips eating for a day or two or three, etc.

I’m going on a four-day fast after tonight’s Sunday roast chicken. Other than a black coffee in the morning and afternoon, there will be nothing else. I haven’t done a fast like this in a while, and, as I said, one of the reasons for this blog is to take my paleo-lifestyle to the next level.

I’ll update the site each evening about my blood levels and general well-being.

Youtube is full of videos on fasting. One chap I really find interesting is Dr Jason Fung: