Four Day Fast – Day 4

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Food, food, glorious food. The fast is over, and I got to devour some baked salmon with hollandaise sauce tonight. Amazing!

The Good

After blogging last night, I checked my blood to see if my run had affected my glucose. It sure did. I spiked up to 6.8 mmol/L. Nevertheless, it came down quickly. This morning? An amazing 4.1!

Energy levels were great today, and hunger was very manageable. Like I said yesterday, knowing that you only have a few hours to go until you can eat keeps you going. I was certainly thinking about food today though.

No headaches today either.


The four-day fast was a great success. My blood glucose has hit the sweet spot. I’m in ketosis and a feel really bloody good.

I dropped about six pounds in the last four days. I’m guessing most of it was water, since I don’t see any noticeable loss of muscle mass. I’ll probably put most of that back on over the next month or so.

Now What?

The goal now is to keep my blood sugar in a tight range. Giving up the wine will certainly help, but I worry it won’t be enough. Dark chocolate is a problem for me; even 100% cacao tends to raise my blood a little because I have trouble keeping it to one square. I’m going to avoid that for the time being.

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This is what I’m going to experiment with for the time being. I’ll cut my carbs down to a bare minimum with only the odd salad from time to time (my garden is loaded with kale, chard and rocket at the moment); some days it will be meat only.

I tried the carnivore diet a few years ago for a fortnight and the results were very impressive. I did it again last year with frankly poor results. The problem? I was drinking wine, which was, of course, loaded with carbs.

Stay tuned.

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