Fats I Eat. Fats I Avoid

Is Better Butter Better? My Top 4 Butters | Anne Maxfield

Butter makes it better! That’s an adage I live by. Especially if the butter is organic. Also on my list for cooking are avocado, hemp and raw coconut oil. I use ghee sparingly only because it’s quite expensive. I know a lot of paleos/ketos swear by tallow, lard and beef dripping, and I’m for all of them. I just don’t bother because I can only have so many fats in the larder. For salads, it’s olive or avocado oil.

I avoid all hydrogenated oils like the plague especially cottonseed and rapeseed (aka canola). To me, these don’t even fall under food-based products because both are inedible to humans without a lot of industrial processing. Factories need to work quite hard getting this little gem out of cottonseed and this out of rapeseed. Why bother?

Crisco ad [and so the beginning of trans fats began ...
Digestible? You don’t say!

Mark Sisson reposted an article from years ago on the definitive guide to fats. Here you go: https://www.marksdailyapple.com/fats/

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