Paleo Pork Chops

Okay, so it’s a little cheeky to post this recipe a day after my article on pork and its possible ill-effects. But it may be that pork is not the problem. If it is, I suppose one can always marinate the pork in apple cider vinegar for a day and then bread them. Maybe, I’ll give that a try and see how it tastes. It doesn’t sound like a winner though to be honest.

So similar to my chicken breast recipe, make up a batch of “breading.” However, I would dial back the parmesan just a little bit (20 to 25g). You’ll also need a little less butter. I only drizzle the butter sparingly over the loin of the chops. Other than that, it is the same recipe as the chicken breasts. Remember, my breading recipe is good for around six breasts/pork chops.


  • Melt a cup of butter in the microwave (20-30 seconds)
  • Crack an egg or two and whisk in a bowl
  • Dip pork chops in egg, coat in “breading” place on baking tray (N.B., you can try double dipping the pork in the “breading”, but you’ll need more of it then)
  • Spoon the butter onto the “breaded” pork (the loin only); this will crisp up the “breading” in the oven
  • Put pork chops in a pre-heated oven at 175°C (350°F) for 40to 50 minutes or until cooked through
  • Serve it with any paleo veg or by itself

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