Sitrep – Two Weeks after Fasting

The new regimen since the fast is paying big dividends. My blood glucose levels have ranged between 6.2 mmol/L and 7.8 mmol/L when I wake up. That means that my blood glucose is getting into the “fives” during the day.

The diet is definitely keto with my carb intake somewhere below 30g per day.

The vegetables, if I choose to have them, are kale, rocket, chard or broccoli.

My blood crept up a little last week to 7.8 when I woke up (thank you Old El Paso taco spice), so I skipped dinner that night. Result in the morning? 6.4 mmol/L.

I feel awesome: very sharp and alert. I think it’s the ketogenesis combined with going on the wagon. Not that I drank that much mind you, but even a couple of glasses of wine can make me a little foggy the next morning.

I’ve also had the self-discipline to limit myself to one square of dark chocolate per day (90% cacao or above).

So, it’s onwards and upwards.

When it comes to red wine, I’ll have to go full-teetotal. Maybe I’ll nurse a glass if I’m at a dinner party.

Which leads to my next problem: what to do with my whisky collection? I know some keto advocates say one can have spirits since they have zero carbs. But let’s face it, alcohol isn’t good for us. I refuse to let anything stop this virtuous upwards spiral.

I don’t know. I don’t imbibe the “water of life” during the summer months. I’ll do a little experimenting when the autumn comes round.

If I can have the odd dram with no ill effects then I have, in essence, a lifetime supply of the stuff in my cabinet. If I do have ill effects? Then I will launch the Great Scotch Giveaway!

Given how well I’m doing since the fast. I will post my situation reports every fortnight from now on. I am planning on another fast in about a fortnight too: a three day “fat fast.”

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