Maltodextrin Strikes Again

I woke up yesterday morning with relatively high blood glucose levels: 9.2 mmol/L. It was a bit of a surprise because I didn’t eat any big meals on Monday, and I went for a six kilometre walk. I looked at the ingredients of a poultry product I go to once in a while and was surprised to see maltodextrin.

It was one of the ingredients in the pepper glaze of this ready-made spatchcock poussin:

Poussins are young chickens. One poussin is the perfect size for one meal along with veg. It’s all protein and fat…at least by itself. Spatchcock is the method by which the chicken is prepared. One simply cuts down the spine with heavy scissors and lays the chicken flat in the roasting tin. What’s great about this product is that it comes “pre-spatchcocked”.

Even though the amount of maltodextrin is quite low for this product (there is no sweetness really), it is having a negative effect on my glucose. In addition, the more I read up on maltodextrin, the less I like it: it’s hydrolysed from wheat or corn flour, it’s higher on the glycaemic index than pure sugar and there’s some evidence it causes inflammation. All bad as far as I’m concerned.

This is another benefit of giving up alcohol. There was a time when a glass or two of wine with this meal would have muddled the cause of elevated blood sugar. If I woke up with higher than normal blood glucose, I probably would have blamed the wine. Now I can put the blame on the maltodextrin where it belongs.

So, sadly, I’ll have to give up this delightful product. Fortunately, the Gressingham Foods Company here in the UK produce poussins without a glaze too.

So, this is an easy fix. I can spatchcock the bird myself and season it to my liking.

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