Pork Experiment

Glucose Spike?

Long-time readers (the site’s been up for nearly a month!) will know that I love pork. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that fresh pork was spiking my blood glucose. A bit of research pointed to a study revealing that fresh, non-cured pork led to coagulation and blood clotting. The study concluded:

The results suggest that unmarinated cooked pastured pork may be unique in producing these coagulation effects on the blood, which also appeared quite rapidly, in less than ten minutes after blood draw, and did not clear up during an hour of observing the blood under the microscope.

The early blood coagulation and clotting observed after consuming cooked unmarinated pork are adverse changes in the blood. A shorter blood coagulation time is associated with increased systemic biochemical inflammation as well as the possible formation of blood clots in the body, as in heart attack or stroke. This condition in the blood, if chronic, is associated with increased risk of chronic degenerative disease, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders and others.

I finished that post stating I was going to conduct a similar experiment on myself. I’m going to start this on Sunday. My plan is to eat the following over the next four Sundays: a pork chop, a pork chop marinated in apple cider vinegar, bacon and a steak. The amount of meat will be roughly the same on the four Sundays. Finally, I will eat the same foods on the preceding Saturdays and during the day on the Sundays. Exercise will be the same as well. I’ll write those details up on Monday when the blood glucose results come in.

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