Three-Day Fat Fast

I’m expecting a sugar spike on Monday morning due to the pork chop I’ll be eating the night before. In any event, my three day “fat fast” will start after that pork chop. I’ll only eat the following for three days: coconut oil, butter and double cream in my coffee.

Advocates claim that fat fasting is for those who are already fat-adaptive and able to easily cycle into ketosis. Of course, all the benefits that are associated with ketosis such as autophagy and anti-inflammation are part and parcel of the fat fast.

I’ll do a rough count on day-one, but I doubt my caloric intake will be above 800 calories.

One of the great benefits for me with fat-fasting is that there are really no cravings for food. If I have a bit of a pang, I’ll just have a tablespoon of coconut oil or butter. No more pang. This was also the first type of fast I did before moving on to a water/black coffee only fast.

Dull headaches can be a nuisance on day one, but again, I follow Dr Mercola’s advice and eat a couple pinches of sea salt. The headache goes away in a few minutes.

I’ll post Day-One on Monday.

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