Inflammation: Foods I Avoid

I am a big believer in the argument that chronic, systemic inflammation is the root cause of many of mankind’s health woes.

Lo and behold, the standard western diet sets everyone up for chronic inflammation: sugar, wheat, soybean oil, corn oil, palm oil sunflower oil, trans-fats, glucose-fructose and food-based products.

Of course, I don’t eat any of the horrible sh*t above. Yet, as a diabetic, I need to be extra-vigilant when it comes to inflammatory foods. After all, high blood glucose in itself will lead to systemic inflammation. Keeping my blood in the ideal range is a daily challenge; I don’t need inflammatory foods making that harder. Even if such foods are not high in sugar or carbs, I have a suspicion that the inflammation these foods cause raise my blood glucose nonetheless.

So what do I avoid:

  • Most dairy (exceptions: double cream for coffee and hard cheeses in moderation)
  • Alcohol (even red wine sadly)
  • Egg Whites (I’m allergic)
  • Fresh Pork (suspected allergy, experiment to confirm)
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Most processed meat (I believe that the risks here are overstated when it comes to bacon, some charcuterie and quality sausages; none of these has impacted my blood glucose negatively)
  • Tomatoes (evidence is mixed on nightshades, but I steer clear)
  • Grain fed beef (as much as I can afford)

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