Magnesium Follow Up

Magnesium - Wikipedia

A few weeks ago, I wrote about magnesium and the reasons I take it as a supplement. When I was writing about statins and cholesterol yesterday, I came across some more interesting information about this essential element.

As I explained yesterday, Bill Sardi is someone who argues against high cholesterol being the problem. Instead, and I didn’t mention this, he believes calcification clogs coronary arteries.

Magnesium along with vitamin K, IP6 rice bran extract and vitamin D are calcium blockers.

I decided to do a little more digging and came across this study. If you’re interested, you can read the whole thing yourself. I think it is worth posting the conclusion though:

In community-dwelling participants free of cardiovascular disease, self-reported magnesium intake was inversely associated with arterial calcification, which may play a contributing role in magnesium’s protective associations in stroke and fatal coronary heart disease.

So now I have another reason why I take magnesium.

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