Pork Experiment – Fresh Pork Chop

Well this wasn’t what I was expecting. My blood was a respectable 7.6 mmol/L this morning. Since my water/black coffee fast, 7.6 is the highest blood glucose level that I will accept. In contrast, I was sometimes waking up with levels above 10 mmol/L or even 12 mmol/L.

On Sunday morning, I had the same reading (7.6 mmol/L). What did I do yesterday, so I can mirror the same variables over the next four Sundays with marinated pork chops, bacon, prosciutto and steak? I had some bacon for breakfast, did some light gardening for a couple of hours, had some nuts and prosciutto for lunch and did a five set circuit of press-ups, arm curls, planks and sit ups.

What did I eat for dinner? KISS = keep it simple stupid. I had a high quality pork chop sautéed in butter. That’s it. About half-way through, I tore up some fresh sage from the garden and threw it in to infuse the butter.

There are no conclusions yet, but this is good news insofar as fresh, unmarinated pork does not seem to affect my blood adversely, at least not in moderate quantities. That said, I’d like to return to the conclusion from the Weston A. Price Foundation study that I wrote about two weeks ago:

The early blood coagulation and clotting observed after consuming cooked unmarinated pork are adverse changes in the blood. A shorter blood coagulation time is associated with increased systemic biochemical inflammation as well as the possible formation of blood clots in the body, as in heart attack or stroke. This condition in the blood, if chronic, is associated with increased risk of chronic degenerative disease, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders and others.

Chronic inflammation is not good for me. Maybe a nice roast pork will be a once a month treat during the autumn and winter? I’ll have to weigh up the benefits versus the costs on that one.

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