Jordan Peterson – Benzodiazepine

A cautionary tale today, but not about me.

I’m guessing most readers have heard of Jordan Peterson. Once simply known to a select few as a very good psychology professor at the University of Toronto, he became notorious due to his stance against Canada’s and Ontario’s compelled speech laws. He then became hugely popular after eviscerating Cathy Newman in a Channel 4 interview a couple years ago. On the back of that, he became an internet celebrity. He offered advice on a host of things. He wrote a massive best seller, Twelve Rules for Life and went on a world tour discussing his interpretations of the pillars of Western society through a Jungian lens.

Then…he disappeared. The videos stopped, the touring stopped. What happened?

Word filtered out that he had suffered a family tragedy. To cope he was prescribed an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drug. He became addicted. That drug was benzodiazepine.

This interview with his daughter Mikhaila speaks for itself when it comes to the dangers of this drug.

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