Sautéed Courgettes in Garlic Butter

Courgettes (aka zucchini) are a great paleo veg. They’re low in carbs, have some antioxidant benefits and are reasonably high in vitamin C. They have smaller amounts of vitamin K, pyridoxine, potassium and magnesium to name just a few other goodies inside these squash-like vegetables.

They’re quite easy to grow, though they take up a lot of space in our garden.

An easy and delicious way to eat courgettes is to cook them in butter and garlic.


  • Two or three courgettes depending on size
  • Four cloves of garlic roughly chopped (or a generous sprinkling of garlic powder)
  • A tablespoon of butter


  • Cut the courgettes into thick “fries”
  • Melt the butter over medium heat
  • Add the courgettes once the butter starts bubbling and fry for a minute
  • Add garlic and cook for another three minutes
  • Serve making sure you pour the melted butter over the courgettes
  • N.B., don’t let the courgettes soften and get mushy

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