Research – Stem Cells for Pancreas Repair?

This may sound bizarre, but I enjoy fighting diabetes through diet and exercise. I look forward to checking my blood glucose in the morning. I look forward to finding new ways to lower my readings. I look forward to finding new recipes and products that let me have the best of both worlds.

That said, if I could have a fully functioning pancreas and live paleo/keto, I would. I’m doing pretty much all I can to maximise my physical health; a properly functioning endocrine system would maximise it further. My chances of dying from cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc. would all go down.

Stem Cells Research Showing Way To The Future of Healing ...

Such a scenario is for the land of make-believe, right? Maybe not. Scientists seem to be making significant progress in developing stem cells that can regenerate the pancreas’s ability to make insulin secreting beta cells. Earlier this year, scientists were able to use beta cells to reverse Type-1 diabetes in mice.

For those who are interested in this potential game-changer, you may wish to check out the Diabetes Program at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute:

Diabetes Program

Our goal is to cure diabetes. To do that, we are working on ways to create beta cells efficiently, and to protect them from attack by the immune system.

What we are investigating

Our researchers have discovered how to reprogram adult and embryonic cells into new beta cells. Now, they are exploring how these beta cells can be effectively transplanted into patients, without being rejected. HSCI researchers are also investigating:

  • How and why the immune attack on beta cells in type 1 diabetes begins.
  • Why some cells survive.
  • Why these cells can’t replenish themselves in type 2 diabetes.
  • What keeps the battles going.

This work dovetails with the goal of many HSCI researchers, who are seeking to identify “universal donor” cells.

The site can be found here:

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