Glucose Spikes from Chicken Wings?

Quite the mystery this morning. I had chicken wings last night, most of which were without my paleo “breading.” All were baked in the oven. Half were brushed with a West Indian, very low carb hot sauce and the other half got a butter drizzle and parmesan cheese (which didn’t turn out well by the way). I also made my “breaded” wings for my wife, and I only ate three of those. I had a hunch that I was eating too many of those (so delicious!) and the almond flour added up to too many carbs. Vegetables last night? One small carrot stick and three small celery sticks.

Result? My blood glucose was 8.9 mmol/L this morning. For the last week, since I started getting more sleep and eating earlier, my range has been from 6.4 to 7.6 mmol/L. So why the spike? I don’t know. Did I eat too many and not notice it? I didn’t feel particularly full. The carrot stick? I doubt it.

There’s nothing on the internet that suggests wings can spike blood glucose unless they’re deep fried in canola or palm, or if they have real breading.

Of course, I’ve noticed sugar spikes with chicken breasts from gluconeogenesis (i.e., the body’s conversion of protein to sugar). I do like the “drum stick” part of the chicken wings which is mainly white meat. Maybe it’s that? That said, I don’t have the gluconeogenesis problem from roasted chicken. I always have a breast with the skin on with that meal.

So who knows? As diabetic readers know, how diabetics react to certain foods is not uniform. It’s a mystery at times and doctors themselves can’t always explain the differentiation. The next time I make wings, I’ll check my blood glucose before, after and in the morning. I’ll also go full carnivore for that meal as well.

It looks like I’ll be going on an extra-long walk today despite the crap weather.

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