Why I Stay Away from Pacific Ocean Seafood

Remember Fukushima? It’s right up there with Chernobyl when it comes to nuclear disasters. It’s been nine years, so it’s no longer on the radar for most people. Yet, for several months after the disaster, radioactive water was being dumped directly into the Pacific Ocean. Once the disaster was under some degree of control, Tokyo Electric were able to store contaminated water in storage tanks. They are still doing this today.

Observers Worried That “Nuclear Chain Reaction” Could ...
Down the Memory Hole?

So why do I avoid seafood from the Pacific if water is now being stored? Because of the possibility of nuclear contamination. Most mainstream outlets will cry loudly that all is safe and there’s nothing to see here. I’m always sceptical of the MSM and assume that they are lying until convinced otherwise.

So the first port of call is finding some scientific studies. The ones I can find argue that radiation levels are not as bad as first feared:

So all is good, right? Maybe not. One of the above studies concludes “Given the 30-year half-life of cesium-137, the sediments [around Fukushima] could be a possible source of contamination in the food chain for decades to come.”

At the other end of the spectrum are the “doom porn” lists that pretty much tell us that the earth is going to crash into the sun. This one is indicative:

So which is it? All clear or we’re all doomed?

My guess is that the amount of radiation is not as bad as the doommongers suggest. After all, the apocalyptic stories dried up after 2014. If tumour riddled salmon were washing up on the shore in British Columbia or Kodiaks were losing their fur, surely this would be in the news. Environmentalists would lap this up. Greta Thunberg would be tweeting this out hourly. The fact that these stories have not popped up for five or six years is instructive.

So, if the danger is overblown why do I still avoid food from the Pacific? Simple. Why take the chance? I can get seafood from the Atlantic Ocean just as easily. Even Indian Ocean fruits de mer look considerably safer than Pacific seafood based on water currents. Moreover, I can also get a lot of Atlantic farmed fish and seafood where I live. I know that farmed seafood comes with its own problems, but it seems a better alternative than plutonium or cesium-137.

By the by, Tokyo Electric has said their storage capacity for contaminated water will be full by 2022. Their recommendation? Dump the radioactive water into the ocean. Nothing to see here citizen!

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