Cutting Back on Coffee – Sitrep Two

This is my second situation report on the coffee cutback. I remember trying to go cold turkey about twelve years ago, and it was not good. I couldn’t take it: the headaches, the lethargy, the grumpiness. Now I’m not planning to give up coffee completely, but I must say this gradual approach is much easier. I’m now down to one, twenty ounce coffee as of this morning.

I had two coffees yesterday: one in the morning and one at noon. My energy levels were great for the rest of the day; I started getting sleepy around nine o’clock; and I slept very well last night. The only negative was I had a mild headache for about a half-hour around 7:00pm.

My plan now is to scale back on the size of my morning coffee. For the next few days I’ll go with sixteen ounce mugs, then smaller and smaller. In a couple of weeks I’ll be down to one normal sized coffee in the morning.


So my peak consumption was something like five, twenty-ouncers per day. I’m now down to one.

I feel good with no ill effects really. It’s pretty much all positives.

I’ll write up another report next week regarding coffee and sleep. Once I’m down to my one, small coffee, I’ll see if it has any effect on my blood glucose.

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