Paleo-Friendly Product: Naked Bacon

I love bacon. It’s one of my favourite foods. However, I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that the various nitrates and nitrites that are used to preserve the meat are just too unhealthy.

There is hope, nevertheless, for those who love bacon but wish to avoid the negatives when it comes to preservatives, mainly cancer.

The hope comes in the form of “naked” bacons that claim to avoid nitrites and nitrates. There does seem to be some shadiness out there because some “naked” bacons use celery juice or powder. Both contain naturally occurring nitrates so this is an “end around” artificially added nitrates and nitrites.

One company that does not do this is Finnebrogue. Indeed, they are fanatical in producing the “cleanest” bacon possible.

The above products have very simple ingredients: bacon, water, salt, natural flavouring and ascorbic acid (i.e., vitamin C). The natural flavourings do ring alarm bells; however, more digging found that Finnebrogue’s natural flavourings are made from Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts.

When it comes to taste, this is a very good product. It is not the best bacon I have tasted, but it is near the top. It is also a little pricey, so I stock up when it’s on offer and freeze a bunch. If you don’t live in the United Kingdom, do your own research. I’m guessing there are some artisanal types out there in the USA and elsewhere trying to produce a similar product.

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