Back on the Red Wine Wagon

Well last night was the end of my red wine indulgence. Today’s the last day of my holiday, and I need to be up early tomorrow morning: no booze today.

My blood glucose was 10.2 mmol/L this morning. That’s having eaten a paleo dinner and skipping lunch. Why then the high blood glucose? I’m guessing systemic inflammation. I was thinking about this when I woke up because I’m going to go for a long run today to get my blood down. My guess is that, first, my blood will not be as low as usual after such a run, and, second, my blood will tick up a bit after my run despite having eaten nothing. Why? Again, systemic inflammation.

Another interesting outcome from the last six days was the state of my stomach. I’ve been wrestling with an upset stomach and gastric reflux for a couple of nights. I have no doubt that a part of that was due to the wine.


I haven’t learned anything new health-wise other than my guess that the wine, over several days, brings on systemic inflammation. This in turn leads to higher blood sugar and a longer period for my blood sugar to come down to normal levels despite exercise.

I have learned something about myself. I really don’t miss the wine much when it comes to food. It was nice to have a couple of glasses with steak or roast beef, but it didn’t enhance the meal as much as I thought it would. It will be easy to go back on the wagon.

Will I ever have a glass of red again? Yes. But not across multiple days and not for a long time. The next time will be Christmas when we have a nice roast goose.

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