Reflections on a Week of “Soft” Paleo

My goal is to post once a day excluding Sundays. I couldn’t do that yesterday, as I was on the road for about twelve hours.

I self-consciously broke with my typically strict keto lifestyle during a week holidaying with friends in Scotland. I’ve been reflecting on that week when it comes to diet, exercise and general health.

First, I should say it was a magnificent place to holiday, and it was great to see old friends.

Isle of Lewis accommodation, sightseeing - Outer Hebrides ...
Isle of Lewis, Scotland


I managed to go for three long runs over the week and did some small walks on various beaches. It was certainly less intense than my usual routine. I didn’t find the time for press-ups or planking. There was no lifting of heavy things.


This is where I really dropped the ball. I ate too much meat at dinner; I ate too much cheese after dinner (I never eat cheese after dinner!). The wine drinking had a deleterious effect on my blood glucose, even though I was moderate in my consumption. The wine drinking also led to weakened discipline. I ate more chocolate than usual; I ate a few spoonfuls of carrot and turnip mash one night; I even ate one piece of a roasted potato during one dinner. For a typical paleo that wouldn’t be a problem. For someone with a misfiring pancreas, it sets you back from your health goals.


I was starting to feel the deterioration during the week. I was not sleeping well because of the booze and food. I had very bad indigestion for two nights, and there was still a hint of gastric reflux the other night. Finally, and sorry to be unglamorous, but I had very bad constipation for much of the week. This was no doubt a combination of diet (meat and cheese), booze and dehydration brought on by the drinking and elevated blood glucose. Furthermore, my last run was poor: I was winded and had less endurance. Finally, my blood glucose has been elevated for the last three days, so I need to fast. I could also see inflammation in my face. I was a little puffy by the end of the week.


It was great to see old friends with whom I revelled in my youth and see a beautiful part of the world. Although I was drinking little when compared with ten years ago (or even a year ago) in such situations, it is still not good enough. The next time we get together on holiday, I will have to be a full teetotal. I don’t see any other option. My health is more important than having booze as a social lubricant.

I’ll be starting the fast tomorrow. One day of water/black coffee only and then two days of fat fasting.

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