Vicious Circle – Inflammation and Blood Glucose

I do a lot of my better thinking whilst out walking. Yesterday was no exception even though I got caught out in a middle of a downpour. I think the horrible conditions helped my thinking. It took my mind off being soaked to the bone five miles from home.

My blood glucose was on my mind because I had woken up with a horrible 12.6 mmol/L reading. For those non-diabetics out there, this is bad. But it was also a bit of a puzzle. My reading the day before was also pretty bad (10.6), but I hadn’t eaten much on either day. However, I did have a week of “soft paleo” where I had a couple of glasses of wine with every meal, ate too much protein and even had a couple of spoons of carby foods on two consecutive days (carrots, turnips and potatoes).

So even though I’m back to my strict keto ways, I was still paying for the week of merrymaking with friends. This wasn’t the first time I’d noticed this phenomenon after overindulgence (e.g., Christmastime). The question though is why? Why the lag? Why wouldn’t my body bounce back quickly if I’m not eating much and exercising?

I had the eureka moment yesterday: inflammation. Something I had read a couple of months ago came to mind: the argument that high blood glucose causes inflammation which in turn leads to higher blood glucose. It’s the vicious circle. Until the inflammation is controlled, the diabetic will wrestle with elevated blood sugar levels. A little bit of research confirmed what I read a while ago.

It bothers me that I hadn’t put this together before. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why starchy foods (potatoes, turnips, parsnips, etc.) led to elevated blood glucose for several days (usually around a week). Well now I know. Of course, with those meals I was drinking red wine as well.


I’ve known for some time that I can’t eat starchy foods, and since March red wine has been completely avoided (until last week). Now I can finally put a finger on why I don’t bounce back quickly from a few days of “soft” paleo.

So the cure is quite simple really. No more indulgences. I already made a pact that I would only have a glass of wine with my Christmas dinner. That’s all I can handle. One glass a couple of times a year. This isn’t going to be a problem I believe. There’s no wine in the house, and I realised last week that I don’t miss wine that much.

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