Sisson on Stevia

Mark Sisson has a new post on stevia. Readers will remember I did a little experiment with what I thought was pure stevia. It spiked my blood glucose considerably. It turned out that Truvia was only partially made up of stevia. Truvia is made by the good, health promoting, people of Coca-Cola.

stevia | Description, Plant, & Sweetener | Britannica

Anyway, Mark has gone deep into the pros and cons of the sweetener, and he concludes the pure stuff is pretty good overall. Although it produces mild insulin secretion it also promotes mild insulin sensitivity. Stevia may be a good alternative for some diabetics out there who still have a sweet tooth.

As for me, I’ll give it a pass. My sweet tooth is long-gone, which if you knew me from ages 2 to 38 is actually miraculous. The only thing I could use it for is the odd time I have a gravy that is a little bitter.

It’s not worth the money or time for me.

Here’s Mark’s article:

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