Fasting Roundup

So after a week of indulgence, I followed a fat fast for four days. This was to combat high blood glucose and inflammation. I combined the fasting with some moderate exercise. These were the results.

Blood Glucose

On Monday morning, my reading was 12.6 mmol/L. The next three mornings were 7.4, 6.6, 5.6.

I can’t think of a faster or more natural way to get my blood sugar down.

I could start shooting insulin, but this is not necessary for me if I exercise sufficient discipline.


I went for a long walk on Monday and also lifted some heavy things: five circuits of press-ups, planks and dumbbell curls. Tuesday and Wednesday were long walks as well. That was it. Nothing fancy or very intense.


I could feel myself feeling better on Monday night. This may sound absurd (maybe it was completely psychological), but I did feel physically and emotionally better by the first twenty-four hours. Taking in breaths felt good. It was akin to that feeling one gets after a run. When I checked my glucose shortly after this feeling of slight euphoria, it was 6.4 mmol/L. What can I say? Was it all in my head? Firstly, there’s evidence that people do feel euphoric when fasting. Second, I did have elevated blood glucose for a few of days. I did have systemic inflammation. Also, the booze from the week before could have been affecting me still. Surely those factors are going to have deleterious effects on my physiology that will translate into suboptimal wellbeing and a feeling of malaise.

As for the rest of the days, I felt great. As I’ve written before, fat fasts are very easy compared to water fasts…for me anyways. The results are the same, so why kill myself on a water fast?

Breaking the Fast

I broke my fast yesterday morning with my egg yolk “cakes”. They were from my four hens of course. I had a bit of cheese for lunch and a handful of walnuts. I made my red Thai curry last night which had tons of good veg: cauliflower, broccoli and courgettes. I ate a little too much for dinner, but my glucose was still good this morning: 7.4 mmol/L. I didn’t feel hungry when I woke up so I skipped breakfast. I’ll either skip lunch too or just have a little bit of something. We’ll see if I’m hungry.


So I had another successful fast. I feel better; the inflammation is gone; I was in ketosis (a bit of keto breath); and my glucose levels are back to normal. My energy levels are great and I slept very well last night. I also lost a bit of weight. My jeans were loose around the waste yesterday despite the belt. The only negative was that I ate too much last night. My stomach had shrunk, and I went a little overboard with the vegetables. I need to be a little more disciplined there.

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