The Carb Sweet Spot

Readers will know that my carbohydrate intake is very limited. When it comes to vegetables, my two staples are broccoli and cauliflower. Occasionally, I’ll have Brussels sprouts or salad depending on what I’m eating. I ate a lot more kale, rocket and chard this summer because I grew some in my garden. I even ate dandelions. The flowers, believe it or not, don’t taste terrible.

Where else do my carbs come from? Super dark chocolate, nuts, cheese and cream. That’s about it.

Some days I don’t eat any veg and go full carnivore.

Why don’t I eat more carbs and follow a more Primal lifestyle a la Mark Sisson? Why not the 80/20 system that he once talked a lot about? Simple. I just can’t handle the carbohydrates. To do that would mean insulin injections.

I don’t count carbs or calories, but I thought I’d give the former a whirl this morning out of curiosity. On a typical day, it’s around 20g. I doubt I ever go about 30g. Some days, it’s a lot less than 20g.


I’ve been at this rodeo for some time now. I’d say this lifestyle is easy…for me. Also not wanting to go blind or having limbs amputated twenty or thirty years from now gives one a certain focus. Nevertheless, the high fat content makes keto easier. If I’m very hungry (very rare) and don’t want to eat, I’ll just have a big spoon of coconut oil.

In my younger days, I’d try all kinds of diets to drop weight. I couldn’t maintain any of them because they are not maintainable. Refined carbohydrates and sugars are addictive. That’s a scientific fact.

Keto is maintainable and has led to excellent health…for me.

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