Reducing the Eating Window

As I wrote a while back, I’ve been planning on experimenting with time restricted eating. Well now’s the time.

I was watching a great interview with Dr Ken Berry on the Primal Blueprint podcast. He got talking about all kinds of things and one was a small eating window.

Berry and Elle Russ (the interviewer) both have very “tight” windows: between four to six hours. That’s it. That’s when they eat.

I guess you could say they both have a little bit of a cheat in the morning. For instance, Dr Berry wil have a little grass-fed butter in his coffee in the morning; Russ has a small spoon of coconut butter.

The cheat is fine with me. It means I can have my monster coffee with cream in the morning.

So what’s my plan? Simple: big coffee in the morning; lunch at 2:00pm; dinner no later than 7:00pm.

I’m going to follow this regime indefinitely and post a weekly report beginning next Friday.

For those who are interested, here’s the interview. It’s worth a watch in my opinion.

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