The Starch Solution?

This is related to my post yesterday. This isn’t an attack on paleo/keto per se, but Dr John McDougall is advocating a radically different diet for improved health. He makes a case for starch: potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and rice. Also, no fat of any kind. He claims also that our hunter-gatherer ancestors mainly ate starches as well.

Given that I have reacted very badly to even a bit of potatoes, sweet or no, this sounds like lunacy. The only way he could be farther away from paleo would be by advocating cane sugar (I did see that posted on a forum once, by the by).

Okay, maybe he doesn’t believe this would work for Type-2 diabetics? Wrong. His website has a list of testimonials of diabetics who were supposedly cured by following his programme:

So what can paleos/ketos make of this? Well, in the New Year, I’ll give this one a crack so you don’t have to dear reader.

Before I do that, I’ll research his programme and summarise it for you.

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