Scientific Argument for Paleo

I stumbled across this lecture at the weekend. It makes strong anthropological, archaeological and historical arguments for the paleo lifestyle. A few takeaways that stuck in my head:

  • The Egyptians were very unhealthy due to a grain based diet
  • Meat eating helped us evolve
  • Humans, though weak compared to a lot of animals, are great hunters due to our brains
  • Humans would scavenge large amounts of meat off of other predators
  • Scientific analysis of human remains proves we ate a lot of meat
  • Plant based diet advocates are using junk science to make their case; they are blinded by so-called moral arguments against eating animals
  • Paleos and Ketos think plant based eaters are mistaken; plant based eaters think ketos and paleos are evil and destroying the planet

Those are the key things I remember from last week. I think it’s really worth a watch. Fascinating stuff:

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