My Cold Protocol – Supplements

Any diabetic website will tell you that we diabetics are much more vulnerable to infections, colds and the flu. The latter can be particularly dangerous. I came across one site that claimed nearly one third of all patients hospitalised for influenza were diabetics. To be honest, I wonder how much of the vulnerability is due to the poor health of the diabetics: fat, slothful, poor diet, etc. Remember that many, perhaps most, Type-2 diabetics got that way due to poor lifestyle choices (myself included). How many actually change these poor habits? Human nature being what it is, I doubt that many change.

Nevertheless, let’s say that we are susceptible. I’m a big believer in supplements. There are minerals, herbs and vitamins out that there that can help us achieve optimal health in my opinion.

When it comes to colds and flu, this is my twice daily protocol:

There are strong, scientifically backed, arguments to be made that the above supplements can stave off colds and flu and increase recovery time when one does get hit.

Since going primal the frequency and intensity of my colds have gone down a lot. Since becoming more systematic about taking supplements when I feel a cold or flu coming on has helped me recover faster as well. For instance, I wrote about an intense cold the other day. On the Saturday I had a horrible post-nasal drip. I didn’t sleep that night. Nevertheless, the drip was gone by Sunday evening; I slept like a baby. The worst of the cold was gone. I’d fully recovered by Tuesday.

Supplements make my life better.

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