Keto Coffee

I ran out of cream yesterday and didn’t have time to get more. In such emergency situations, I have opted for black coffee with a pinch of sea salt or black coffee with butter and coconut oil. The salt takes a little of the bitterness out. With butter and coconut oil, I’ve only ever stirred it in. The resulting coffee isn’t great. You get a film of melted butter and oil floating on top of the coffee with a minimal amount blended into the coffee itself. Out of the two, simply putting a bit of salt in is the better option for me…until yesterday.

How To Brew Bulletproof Coffee and Why the Butter Matters

I bought a blender/food processor nearly a year ago but hadn’t used it very much. It just seemed like too much trouble. In theory, it was a great buy; in practice, it sat in my cupboard collecting dust. Eventually I got around using it to make my own nut butters. On Sunday, I finally used the blender to make a keto coffee (aka bulletproof coffee).

By the by, if anyone can tell me why it is called bulletproof coffee, I’d love to know. For some reason I find that name silly.


  • Good, strong coffee
  • Two tablespoons of butter
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil


  • Blend ingredients for thirty seconds


This turned out to be my new second-best option. It’s still not as tasty as coffee with real, British double cream, but it’s pretty bloody good. I really like the frothy, latte-style foam on the top. Today, I did have some cream and added a tablespoon. The result was even better, but still not as good as plain old coffee with cream. Nevertheless, I’ll have this from time to time just to change things up. It’s a winner!

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