Carnivore Week – Going Full Carnivore

Never go full carnivore. That’s been in the back of my mind for about two years. I’ve written a bit about carnivore in the past. I did it for a week around 18 months ago. Maybe the odd meal I’ll skip veg. But that’s about it. Despite reading about the benefits of the carnivore diet, for example Mikhaila Peterson’s somewhat famous journey, I’ve always felt that I must have vegetables in my diet. So why now? Well, my blood was creeping up once again. The culprits were too many nuts (again), too much dark chocolate (again!), not being able to go to the gym for a few days due to my pseudo-sciatica and a takeaway Nepalese curry (no doubt loaded with rapeseed and/or soya-based oils). The curry really spiked my blood. Of course, the true culprit was me. Save for the unavoidable lack of gym time, I was responsible for the (bad) choices I made. I did a three-day fat fast last week and got my blood back down to a sub 6.0 mmol/L by Tuesday morning.

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Never go Full Carnivore?

During the fast, I took stock. The nuts and chocolate were killing me. I also recalled from a video I posted that nuts are loaded with Omega-6 PUFAs. Yes, they are essential fatty acids, but research tells me I was consuming too much Omega-6. So nuts are not ideal for another reason. I decided that once I finished my fast I would go carnivore. No veg. No nuts. No chocolate. What would be on the menu: meat and a little dairy (old hard cheeses and cream for my coffee). That’s it. That’s the diet.

To inaugurate this radical shift, I’m dubbing this carnivore week. My posts will be all carnivore related: results, research, diet, recipes, etc.

By the by, this is day seven, and I’m feeling very good. The blood glucose is very good too.

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