Carnivore Diet – Situation Report

Except for two “blips” I’ve been full carnivore for nearly two weeks. It’s been interesting to say the least.

The “Blips”

After eight days of only meat, cream in my coffee and cheese, I decided to have some cauliflower with dinner. That was last Saturday. Why? Loose stools. I mean really loose. I knew from my research that this was to be expected and that my digestive tract would get used to things with time. Nevertheless, I wanted to have a movement that was not like I had food poisoning. Lo and behold my number twos went back to normal almost immediately. The other blip was last night. I decided to eat the veg, cauliflower and broccoli, in my That Red Curry. I did that for three reasons. First, I was getting bored with carnivore. Second, I wanted vegetables. Three, I wanted to see how that meal would affect my blood glucose. More on that below.


Save for the bowel movements, I felt perfectly fine on carnivore. There was no stomach upsets, my energy levels were good, etc. Also, it kept my blood glucose levels lower than paleo/keto. I have been waking up with readings between 7.6 and 8.2 mmol/L. Good but not great you might say. Long-time readers will know I’ve had much better readings on keto.

What gives?

The higher than ideal readings are not due to the carnivore diet, they’re due to my self-enforced sedentary ways over the last fortnight. I decided that I had to completely lay off the gym until my pseudo-sciatica improved. Indeed, there was a good week there where I couldn’t have done much anyway because the pain, lack of mobility and muscle weakness in my left leg. It’s only been this week that I’ve started to get back to normal.

Last night’s paleo meal was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to see where my blood glucose would be after a moderate carb meal without exercise. Result? My blood was pretty high this morning: 11 mmol/L.

Obviously carnivore is good for my blood glucose. If I had been able to have normal gym sessions, which I’ll be starting again next week, I’m guessing my mmol/L would be much lower in the mornings.

Sidebar: I’m on another two-day fast to get my blood down.

Sidebar 2: It was interesting to see just how significant regular exercise is for keeping my blood glucose down.

The Negatives

The stools obviously.

I’ve also been eating more dairy in the form of cheddar and Red Leicester. True these are both very high fat and very old cheeses, but I think I’m eating too much of both. Why am I eating more? Mainly convenience. It’s much easier to have a couple of slices of cheese than to cook something meat-based.

I’ve also found carnivore pretty boring to be honest. Meat and cheese. Meat and cheese. The meat is not boring actually. I love meat. It’s the lack of variety at lunch and after dinner: no nuts, no dark chocolate. I even miss the cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. All three would be smothered in butter of course.


I’m getting back on the horse. More carnivore. Two weeks of nothing but meat, a little cheese, cream and fats. I am going to have the odd spoon of coconut oil for the MCTs. I think I have to be more creative when it comes to lunch time meals. More egg yolks, more meat, etc. Cheese becomes so boring. I’ll have to be a bit more forward thinking and plan what I’m going to cook at lunch. Hamburgers, egg yolks, steaks, bacon. All of those sound much more exciting than pieces of cheddar.

I am also curious to see where my blood will go, now that I’m starting to get back something like a normal workout routine.

Watch this space. I’ll write another reflective piece in two weeks.

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