Treat Week – Cheese Crisps

Keeping with today’s cheese theme, I thought I’d give a shout out to these interesting snacks. I first stumbled across them whilst visiting family in Canada. There may be other places that sell these, but I’ve only seen them at Costco. You can get them in the States as well.

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What’s really nice about them is that there’s one ingredient: parmesan. Now, I’m guessing this not some artisanal, aged type of parmesan. It’s probably mass produced, low-grade stuff. The production process also probably deserves some research (I’ll see what I can do!). Nevertheless, as a paleo-snack, baked, crunchy parmesan cheese crisps look pretty good when you’re looking for a savoury. These are delicious. They’re light, fluffy, cheesy and salty.

It took some time to find something similar in the United Kingdom. Eventually, I struck pay dirt on Amazon and found these:

Bar magazine | Serious Pig extends premium range with new ...

These are good. If you look closely, however, you’ll see that they are not made from parmesan; they are hard Italian cheese. According to Serious Pig’s pretty interesting website, the cheese is Quattrocento. Flavour-wise they are good, but don’t have the same bite as the parmesan crisps. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something paleo and like dairy this could be for you. It’s all fat and protein. No carbs.

They even have a couple of other flavours. I’ve tried the ones with rosemary. Very nice. I’ll have to give the truffle flavoured ones a go. The ingredients all look good. Off to Amazon!

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