Dr Berry on Liver

Dr Berry debunks several widely held myths about eating liver. He also goes through many of the nutritional benefits. He argues that it is a true superfood regardless of which animal liver you eat. Dr Berry says that ox (beef) liver is best. Too bad it makes me want to chunder (i.e., puke) after ten mouthfuls. I may have an “end-around” for that one: a smallish piece of liver with my weekly steak. That could be a way to choke it down…probably with a glass of wine. I’ll say more about my experience later this week.

Ken goes on to argue that one’s general disgust of liver is down to palate and our civilisation’s addiction to processed foods. I’m not so sure about this one. I haven’t eaten processed foods in ten years. I did not like my liver experience last weekend.

I’ll keep going with eating liver for the foreseeable future because I know there are serious health benefits. Nevertheless, my sneaking suspicion is that we don’t eat liver any more in the West because we’re a lot richer, thank you capitalism, and don’t need to. We can go and buy a steak if we want. We can all afford steaks, even the most destitute. Bloody hell, a cheap steak at Lidl is less dear than a disgusting Big Mac for goodness sake!

No. I think Dr Berry has it exactly reversed. Our palates say no because we are not starving anymore. There are much tastier things to eat. Still, I think Ken has made the world a better place with his insights, so I’ll give it a go and give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s right. In a few months perhaps I’ll crave liver like I crave my grass-fed sirloin.

Is LIVER a SUPERFOOD?? (2020 Revision) – YouTube

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