To Vax or Not to Vax?

So they’re rolling out the vaccines hither and thither. There’s been a lot of back slapping in the British press that we’re getting it first. Huzzah! Even if this is effective, I’m not sure why the Daily Mail and other media are giving the credit to this green and pleasant land. After all, it was the good (or Satanic depending on your view of things) people at Pfizer who made the slightly ominous sounding Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine.

Am I going to take this thing? I’m not against vaccines per se, and I had the usual shots growing up. That there may be a link between the current intensive regime of vaccines and autism, however, looks plausible to this intelligent layman. Regarding the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine, it has been rushed to market without the usual testing and safety trials. It typically takes several years to bring vaccines to market. This one has been done in seven months. Is that safe? I have deep reservations that it is. Let’s also remember that pharmaceutical companies are protected from litigation if these covid vaccines end up killing people.

There’s a historical precedent for this by the way. In 1976, the US government rushed a swine flu vaccine to market which killed more people than flu itself. The accounts out there on the internet (surprise, surprise) gloss over this fact or ignore it altogether.

Do readers know of the infamous Thalidomide scandal? That was a drug deemed safe by “authorities” in a number of countries. Result? Thousands of birth defects and deaths.

So will I take it? Not yet. I’ll see how those at the front of the queue get on, wait some more, do some more research, wait some more, then take a decision.

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