Bye-Bye Carnivore Diet

I started eating vegetables last week. The carnivore diet was not working for me. I don’t mean that in a physical way, although I was still not enjoying good “movements” (as mum used to say), nor was I experiencing any obvious benefits from the diet. No, it was more about enjoyment of food and life. I wasn’t enjoying the diet.

Don’t get me wrong. I love meat. I really love it. In the summers growing up, I’d sometimes have hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last night I had leg-of-lamb steaks with my frankly awesome salsa verde; that was 99% carnivore. However, as the old cliché goes, variety is the spice of life. Now, many of my meals have been carnivore for a few years. There were times where I’d eat just meat for two or three days. However, whenever I wanted some broccoli or cauliflower, etc., I would have it. I’d been following Mark Sisson’s philosophy for keto: keep the carbs really low, but have some veg when you feel like it.

My problem with carnivore was that it’s monkish. Instead of eating my gruel every day, I was eating meat and cheese. It’s just too boring. I like being able to decide at lunch “I’m going to have a little almond butter today.” I like being able to say “I’m going to have some Brussels sprouts smothered in butter with my lamb tonight.”

Do these guys eat gruel?

For devotees out there, I know, I know, I need to give it more time. I need to listen to Dr Berry and others who say you need to do this for weeks before you see the big changes. My response is this: the purported health benefits of carnivore aren’t big enough to overcome the negative effects this diet has on my enjoyment of life. After all, as a paleo-diabetic, I’m already eating a very restrictive diet as it is. If I can keep my blood glucose in the ideal range eating mainly good fats, protein and a little bit of vegetables, nuts, etc. here and there, why shouldn’t I?


Will I go back to the carnivore diet? I doubt it. For me, the negatives (boredom, lack of variety, not looking forward to eating) greatly outweigh the supposed benefits. Good luck to those who are big carnivore advocates, but I’m sticking with keto.

2 thoughts

  1. If I have learned anything, it’s that not every way of eating works for every person. Choose the way that feels healthy for you and that you can stick to. That’s what will work, as you have already discovered!


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