Pork – Too High in Omega 6s?

The farther I go down the keto rabbit hole, the more surprises I find. Things were so simple ten years ago: cut out sugar, grains, root veg and fruits.

It looks like pork is not as good as one might think. In the US and Canada pigs are fed a lot of soya and corn. As a result, it has a very high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio.

There’s a good overview here of fat profiles in chicken, pork, bison and beef. One key takeaway for pork is that pork belly and bacon are the best. Another is the higher quality pork the better – not a surprise there.

There’s a very interesting study linked below about what happens to the omega 6 to omega 3 ratios based on what you feed pigs. Less grain means a better ratio. Foraging has the best ratio but pigs cannot live by foraging alone.

I know where my pork comes from and the farmer really lauds the quality of his pigs. I’ll have to get in touch with him about feed.

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