The Starch Solution Follow Up

Back in the summer I stumbled across some Youtube videos that argued the answer to reversing Type-2 diabetes was high-carb, starchy foods. They also attacked the keto lifestyle. Now, I am very sceptical of these arguments for several reasons: firstly, this Khambatta chap doesn’t seem to offer anything in the way of citations on his videos. In one where he does, it is from the very flawed Nurses’ Health Study which is simply a questionnaire. Do some research and honest scientists will tell you this is one of the weakest types of studies one can use. Secondly, everything that he says goes against my personal experience. He offers a laundry list of negative effects from keto. My experience has been the exact opposite. Finally, the man himself looks unhealthy. Now, I don’t mean his alopecia. That’s not his fault. I mean his pallor. Vegetarians all seem to have this same strange colour to their skin. It’s almost a touch of greyness. In contrast, keto-types look healthy.

So, I said back in the summer I was going to guinea pig myself on this and see what happens. I’ve broken my fast today with six egg yolks and I’m going to go full carnivore until next Monday. I’m then going to follow the “Starch Solution” for a week or so and see what happens to my blood glucose and general health.

Watch this space.

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